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Robot in a Can Dev Board

Robot in a Can Dev Board

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 The basic RIAC board to build secure WiFi  applications. From building a sensor network connected to your router to robots controlled by a phone/tablet, this is your one-stop-solution for many of the basic IoT, robotics and pico-network application scenarios.

The eBrain 1.7 provides wireless connectivity, 2 ports for stepper motor control, 2 servo control ports, a 10-pin GPIO port (with 1 dedicated analog-in) and on-board memory to avoid the use of SD cards. Operating at 3.3 volts, it also sports a built-in breadboard, RGB-LED, light sensor and buttons for a myriad of fun projects. Order a dev kit today and see what you can create with your new favourite tool!

Note: This version of the kit requires you to flash your own firmware before use. If you want to get hacking with our firmware visit our GitHub page.