At Robot in a Can, our fundamental goal is to give learners access to engaging, low-cost and easy-to-navigate tools that will make Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education inspiring and approachable.

Our activities are designed to encourage students to explore and develop skills through an integration of important concepts with exercises with real-world context.

At the center of our ecosystem is the robotics kit (link to product page here). To complement it, we offer a wide range of services from short demonstrations to a 40-week curriculum to professional development.


School visits

Through in-class or after-school programs, we guide learners on how to use our kit and apply it to numerous individual and collaborative projects with different learning outcomes and scientific principles. The duration of our programs range from 4 to 40 weeks.

Show and tell

We visit and set up shop in your learning institution, library or any other venue. We bring with us all the necessary equipment to create interactive and engaging demonstrations of projects and ideas.

Maker Camp

We run a summer day-camp where youth learn about fundamental concepts to develop robotics projects and use our robotics kit to implement these concepts. Learners design, construct, present and take apart their creations. The duration of our camp varies according to your needs and constraints.

Educational Kits

We provide a bundle of educational materials and tools for educators to teach foundational principles in coding, electronics and robotics. Let your learners and attendees experience and take home something unique and memorable!

Professional Development

We provide educators with guided, interactive sessions where we explore the concepts, approaches and reasons to integrate STEAM in activities in and outside the classroom. We develop our programs aligned with validated educational standards and approaches, and strive to provide reusable and flexible materials educators can adapt and adopt for themselves and their learners.

Events & Community Collaboration

We work from our own little Makerspace in Montreal and are very involved with the community. Contact us (link to contact page) and we can collaborate! We participate in Maker, engineering, education, digital art, and robotics events. For larger events, we can lead staff training to offer a unique experience to your attendees or we can bring our own staff to host programming.