Who We Are

With computer literacy becoming increasingly important, we aim to act as a resource that will facilitate STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) education. Our fundamental goal is to give students access to engaging, low-cost and easy-to-navigate tools that will make STEM education as easy and enjoyable as we believe it should be. Our educational programming is designed to encourage students to explore and apply what they have learned outside of the classroom. We believe that our tools can provide a head start to learners of all ages.



Our Services

School Visits

We do in-class workshops and programs where we teach students how to use our kit and apply it to numerous projects with different learning outcomes and scientific principles.

Library Pop-Ups

We visit and set up shop in your learning institution or library and present various demonstrations of projects in action!

After School Workshop Series

We run after-school programs in small groups where we teach students how to use our kit and create all kinds of D.I.Y. projects that they can take home (along with the kit)! Programs range from 4-16 weeks.

Maker Camp

We run a summer day camp where kids can learn about and have full access to all of our technology. For a full week, kids will learn how to design, construct and take apart. We will complete a variety of science, engineering, and art projects.

Educational Kits

We can provide bulk educational kits that teach foundational principals in coding and engineering, run your own workshops and let the attendees take home something unique and memorable!

Staff Training

We teach teachers! We provide educators with all the necessary tools and manuals so that they can easily teach our program in their classes.

Events & Community Collaboration

We work from our own little Makerspace in Montreal and are very involved with the community. Send us an email and we can collaborate!

Makerspace Consultation 

 We can help you set up an amazing functional Makerspace with all the right tools. Consult our experienced team so that we can help you build your own creative space.