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  • Robot-In-A-Can
  • Robot-In-A-Can
  • Robot-In-A-Can
  • Robot-In-A-Can
  • Robot-In-A-Can

Robot In A Can

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Our educational kit is a powerful platform for prototyping ideas using cardboard and electronics. The Robot In A Can is a highly effective pedagogical toolkit that values fostering creativity and self-expression. This tool gives you the power to repurpose raw household recycled items and bring them to life with the power of creativity, electronics, and programming! Transform a milk carton into a precision driving robot; Make a piece of cardboard into your own musical instrument; turn old soda bottles into an automated plant growing system; modify a tea mug to tell you if your drink is too hot; use your imagination and prototype! To get you started you can build our signature MilkBot and CubeBot robots with the cardboard that comes in the can. Try different experiments and tutorials to build your skill. This kit is suitable for ages 8+, but can be used by experts alike.

Our skill-building curriculum incorporates three major components:

  1. Computer Programming
  2. Wiring and Electronic Circuitry
  3. Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping

Our signature MilkBot and CubeBot robots both come inside the can.

Our innovative and unique system is quick and easy to set up. Turn the kit on and you can start programming in less than a minute without any difficult driver installation or software setup. The main component of the kit is our custom WiFi microcontroller board. It can be programmed and controlled by a phone, tablet or laptop. Using our easy-to-use, open-source, browser-based, drag-and-drop coding system. Any device that can run Google Chrome will work with our kits to help learners get started with microcontroller programming. Our computer chip has a unique wiring system so you can learn to build circuits. Unlike most beginner kits our design is flexible allowing you to do more projects with the same kit.

Our kits are designed to be a rugged all-in-one solution for use in classrooms. With minimal small parts, it’s quick to set up and clean up. Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom, resources are available online so you can continue projects at home! This raw DIY platform teaches beginners real foundational skills while building confidence and encouraging creativity. Themicrocomputer is also fully hackable and can be used by advanced users who want more control.

A few projects straight out of the CAN:

  • Custom Games and Controllers
  • A Light Instrument
  • Sound Visualizer
  • Music and Weather Reactive Lamp
  • Drawing Robot
  • Invent Your Own Robot


With support from our online learning resources, it’s easy to find new projects and experiment. Our learners can stretch their creativity and can exercise the intuition crucial to being a successful designer. Through our magazine-guidebook or online you can follow our illustrations, videos, and graphic novel segments to learn with our robotic project recipes. The online learning portal allows users to share their ideas in our online community.