What's In The Can?







The Brain:

This is the Brain. It is a tiny computer with a radio telecommunications module known in your time as WiFi. This will allow you to remotely program and control your inventions!  


This is a pack to hold AA batteries of the past. They cannot be sent from the future, you’ll have to acquire them yourself...


These are your patch cables, you will become very familiar with using these to guide electricity where it needs to go. You can even make your own!

USB Programmer

This a rare piece of technology, you may or may not even have one… If you do, you know what it is for. If you don’t you don’t really need to. Why did I put this here? Who knows.

Those first components give life to your robots! They represent the robot heart and robot brain of your future creations. And these next ones represent the muscles and senses that will allow your creations to interact with their surroundings!


This microchip wafer shoots photons at your face! You might know of this phenomenon as... light! We call it a Light Emitting Diode. It is a diode, that, emits… light. Get it? good.


This goes by many names, potentiometer, variable resistor, and knob. You turn it. Like on a bathtub faucet, but for electricity.  

Sound Sensor

This tiny microphone captures sounds waves from the air, and turns them into electricity. Give your circuits the ability to hear.

The following are the components you will need for the for the Robot

Stepper motor

These motors turn, in small steps. Precisely control the movements of your robots.

Servo Motor

This is a very tiny motor, inside a somewhat tiny gearbox. This motor can only make half a turn, up or down.

Ball-bearing Castor wheel

Make things glide more easily, with this multi-directional third wheel.

Robot cutouts

Here are a few different robot friends for you to make, please take them on your travels, it is dangerous to go alone!

This manual that you are currently holding (infinite PIP)

This is the manual you are holding, written by highly intelligent superhumans from the future. I bet they are witty and charming and everybody thinks they’re cool.


  • The Brain
  • Battery Pack
  • Wires
  • Potentiometer
  • LED
  • Sound Sensor
  • Stepper Motors
  • Servo Motor
  • Ball Bearing Castor Wheel
  • Cardboard Robot Cut-outs
  • Instruction Manual