What is Electricity?

Let's start with this...

What is the smallest thing that all the things are made of?


It has three parts

A positive part -  The Proton - It's in the center and doesn’t move!

A neutral part - The Neutron - It's also in the center and also doesn't move

A negative part - The Electron - These are on the outside and there are a bunch of them that all move around


There are two types of electricity.

Static and current flow.

We will talk about the current electricity for now, because that’s what’s inside the technology we use in our homes!

We will get into static later!


Take a Look At your wires! What are they made of?


So the wires are conductive. Are the electrons jumping now in the wires you are holding?

...No! Not yet… There needs to be a source of electricity to make this happen!!





Remember how we said the protons don’t move… so that means the positive side is not building up charges, the electrons are all moving to the negative side. Because all those negative charges are moving away, that leaves only a bunch of protons on the other side and that makes the positive side… well… Positive!