Step By Step Details:

To Connect:

Step 1 - Turn Evelab On.

Step 2 - Connect to the EveBrain WiFi Network using a laptop (If it doesn't come up right away try refreshing the list of WiFi networks around you).

Step 3 - Open index.html from the Snap! folder you downloaded

Step 4 -  Click Configure EveBrain connection at the top right of the screen. Type into the box, that should be the default IP address for the EveBrain. Press okay. It should then turn green and say "Connected to EveBrain".

You are now connected! It's time to start Coding...


Lost or hanging connection:

  1. Refresh page
  2. Close the Google Chrome tab then reopen it. (You might want to copy the URL, also you will have to reconnect to the kit after you reopen the page)
  3. Check WiFi connection
  4. Turn the kit Off then back On. Reconnect.



You are not connected to the internet when you connect to the EveBrain network if it says limited connection everything is okay!

Please use Google Chrome for best results

If you lose connection refresh the page.