Topics Summer 2020

Build Your Own Robot

In this class students will learn to use the Robot In A Can kit. Participants will also learn basic electronics, circuitry, and programming needed to make the robot draw geometric shapes and patterns. Learners will get to keep their works of art and most importantly, they will take home their very own robot!

Drawing Robot

In this class learners will get to draw with a robot they build. Learners will Challenges range from drawing simple shapes to 

Robotic Olympics

After learning to draw and maneuver learners can navigate obstacle courses, play sumo, soccer, or program synchronized dances using the robots.

Colour Mixing & Light Painting

Learn about colors and how to mix them. Mixing colored light is a bit different than you might think! Learners then get to build circuits allowing them to paint with light.

Make a video game controller 

In this class learners will get to build a video game and make a custom controller! Learn about the components inside game controllers. 

Computer Vision

Program your own artificial intelligence that can use a computer camera to play rock-paper-scissors against you.

Sound & Light

In this class Learners will Learn to fill the circuit using a microphone to control a multicolored light!

Robot Distance Sensor

Use a special sensor that can use echolocation like a bat to guide a robot through a maze.

Light Detecting Robot

Build a robot that detects light and is drawn towards it like a moth to a flame. 

Talking Robot

Build an animatronic robot that can respond to your speech and talk back!

Potato Battery Build

Learn the fundamentals of electricity then build your own potato battery

Build Your Own Instrument

In this activity, learners will build a piano instrument and experiment with rests, notes, and sound to create their own robot symphony.

Pitch Shifting in Colour

In this activity, learners will wire a potentiometer (dial) to the robotics kit and load code that let's them adjust the pitch of a note. As the pitch adjusts, it will also draw a picture in a computer simulation.

Ages 8-11

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Ages 12-16

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