Let's Get Hacking!

What does hacking mean to you?

We use the term "hacker" only in its original meaning: someone who applies ingenuity to create a clever result, called a "hack".

The essence of a "hack" is that it is done quickly, and is usually inelegant. It accomplishes the desired goal without changing the design of the system it is a part of. Despite often not properly fitting into the larger system it’s a part of a hack is generally clever and effective.

The term hacking has been used this way since the 1950s! This is the original meaning and it means making things better.

Not like the commonly used meaning of a "hacker", typically as a person who breaks into computer networks in order to steal or vandalize.

Let’s put things together, take things apart, and learn how the systems around you work - so you can make them even better.

We are going to teach you about: robotics; electricity; hardware; software; - from the raw circuitry all the way to programming!