Connecting The Evelab To Snap

Download Snap! Here


Now connect Snap! Layout, What is that about?

That number is the Internet Protocol address or IP address of the Evelab. This address lets Snap know how to communicate with the Evelab. It's like a phone number for Snap to chat with the Evelab, and they can send and receive information between them. When you connect directly to the Evelab over WiFi the Evelab uses the number

This is its 'phone number' on the EveLab WiFi network. The Evelab can also connect to other networks. You can set it up to connect to your home WiFi. If it does it will have a different 'phone number' or IP address on that network, because on other networks that number is given out by a router (you know the black box that gives your house WiFi) and the router gets to choose the address of each computer connected to it.