Project Ideas (Videos)

What Can I Make With A Micro Controller?

Microcontrollers are at the heart of many consumer products, and other computer automated DIY Projects. The Robot In A Can WiFi microcontroller is called the EveLab and it can be used in a wide variety of applications! You will need to put it together and program it to become the project you have in mind.

There are so many different ways to make things using materials you can find almost anywhere. Or you can even practice the art of sourcing rare parts to build your specialized projects.

Get familiar with what, and how people are making!

These websites are full of tutorials on how to use certain technologies in your projects, and complete project builds with step by step instructions. People have made all kinds of things for all types of purposes and posted them on the web for you to follow. I recommend looking through these websites when you need inspiration or are looking to figure out how you might want to solve a design challenge. 


Website Resources:


Concept Videos

Here are some videos of a couple of popular technologies and trends. Pay close attention to the mechanisms used in these projects and how you could apply them in different ways that are new and innovative. Get some ideas, and keep searching! There is so much awesome content out there and so many ideas you can research! Maybe you even have some ideas so unique they have never been done before...

Jumping Robot

Floor Cleaner

Automatic Ice Cream Machine

Ceramic 3D Printer

Robot mirror

Daniel Rozin, "Wooden Mirror," 2014 from bitforms gallery on Vimeo.

Self folding robots

Softrobot Octopus